Friday, August 27, 2010

March thru July

Well, LOTS of time has passed and a lot has happened in the world of the Douglai.

Lets get started...

Ted continues to coach for Les Bois (as of June FC Nova) and each year has a tournament in Las Vegas which fortunately, for us, is where Tasi lives so my parents come along as well. It was colder this year, but we still had a great time. We didn't take a lot of pictures while we were there, but here are a few:

All of us outside of Tasi's house

Ke'akua and his Uncle Yo, Yo, Yo

Papa and Ke'akua

Not a lot happened this month, but we had some good hanging out time with lots of family and friends.

Ted hanging out at his parents' house on Easter.

Colton and Ke'akua in the wagon at Baba Bart's and Nana Jan's.

Uncle David came to town so that boys got together: Dave, Dennis, Ted and Dom

In April, we had some rainy days and Ke'akua wasn't too sure what to think of them. He was amazed by all of the "bubbles!"

Just hanging out and looking good - collar popped and all!

Here we are...

In May, the weather finally started to improve and we were able to hang more outside and enjoy the sun.
Hanging out with dad on the front porch.

Colton and Ke'akua hanging out at Colton's 2nd birthday party.
Colton and Karleigh reading a birthday card.

Poor Jan...enough said!

Helping dad mow the lawn....he yells and directs Ted which direction he should go in. Too funny!

Reading a book

Helping mom with the laundry and signing "more, more!"

June and July
And at last June has arrived and our newest Douglass family member joined us. We thought he was going to arrive early like Ke'akua did, but rather than 3 weeks early, he graced with his presence just two days before his due date. Not only did our little one arrive, but the boys have gotten some fun times in at Tata's pool....
Mr Iokepa

Loving life and swimming with dad.

Tata and her boys on the 4th of July.

Ted and his sparklers.

Ted in awe; Ke'akua scared and papa looking out for both the boys!

Happy 4th of July~

Papa and the boys after a long day...

Ted and Iokepa relaxing at home.

Trying to figure out what is going on....


My baby is getting big - almost 2 years already!

We love our BOB - the caddy of strollers for sure~Daddy and his two boys.

Playing in the sprinkler.

Yasone and Iokepa.

Hanging with Amuma.

Playing in the water...
Our quiet, mellow Little Iokepa...he is such a joy!

Friday, March 26, 2010

January 2010

In January, both Ted and my dad had their birthdays and I am sad to say I don't have any pictures from either of those sad! I really need to start taking more pictures while Ke'akua is young as time is going to fly by and I am afraid I won't remember it all. Our lives just seem to get busier and busier.

The only other big thing I can think to post now is that we are expecting again in June....another boy! :) Yes, Ke'akua is going to be a big brother. I think he will do wonderfully and we're anticipating some exciting times and lots of fun adventures ahead of us.

Here are a few pictures I found from January:

My boy and his new big, red truck - Ke'akua FINALLY started trying to walk in January.

My two favorite boys taking their afternoon nap.

Ted was out of town so we had a sleep-over with papa and uncle Tasi who was in town for papa's b-day.

Catching up...again. December '09

Well, it's time to catch you all up on the Douglai, holla! So much time has passed by since our last post. We'll see what we can come up with....

In December, we had an outing with our buddies the Boyds. Ke'akua and Olive don't get to hang out all that much, so we thought it was time they saw one another again. We all went out to dinner and then took the love-birds out for a cold, brisk night under the stars with supervision of course.

Here are a few pictures from the evening:

Olive, Josh (supervising) & Ke'akua

And then there was Christmas....

Ke'akua and Colton in their pjs Christmas morning at Grammie's and Grandpa's

Checking out Grandpa Bart's train.

Ke'akua playing with his new "beep, beep!"

The two Douglass boys!

Christmas morning at home....

And, then Christmas at Amuma's and Papa's

Playing the ukulele with papa...

and singing.

Playing with our new buddy Winston.

Since Ke'akua was little, he hasn't been too interested in eating, but we have finally gotten him to eat some pasta. He's still not too sure....